Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun with Cake

Top Blogs For my Mom's birthday my son insisted I make her cake. I wanted something fun and a little different so I searched online through like a million pictures of cake for inspiritions. This was my finished result.

You'll need:
Your favorite cake mix or recipe and all the fixin's to make the batter
2 cans of frosting or homemade
food coloring
dowel rod
cake leveler
frosting tips and bag

preheat oven, mix batter and grease two 8 in round cakepans and one lone spot in a muffin tin

pour batter into into muffin tin for the cupcake on top and split the remaining batter between the two round pans

bake the cupcake for 10-15 minutes and the round pans according to cake mix/recipe

once cakes are removed from pans, cooled and leveled, spread icing on one of the round cakes and stack the second one on top of it. cut a slice of cake and crumb coat everthing.(cupcake, cake and slice) refridgerate for a few hours. Remove a tbsp of white icing and set aside in piping bag. Color remainder of the icing dark brown and set aside

color about a 1/3 of the second can of icing light brown and ice the inside of the cake where slice was removed, the two sides of the slice that were inside the cake and the bottom of the cupcake

color the rest of the can blue and ice the top and sides of the cake, the top and outside edge of the slice and the top of the cupcake 

stack the slice and cupcake on top of the cake and secure with a dowel rod.  Use the white icing you set aside to create layer lines on slice and inside cake with a small round tip.

Along with the dark brown icing I sat aside early I used a small round tip to create the swirl pattern all over the cake/slice and a star tip to make the shells around the bottom of the cake/slice.  I make swirls with the star tip to decorate the cupcake and cover up where the dowel rod went in.


  1. Cute cake! And thanks for your sweet comment on my bustle dress! I hope you try and! Let me know if you do!

  2. Hi - new to your blog! Just started following you. I love the name of it - I have a terrible case of the "I bet I can make that" 2 peas in a pod!
    Stop by if you have a chance!


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