Monday, July 11, 2011

Antique Photos

I love pictures and I love to hang them everywhere. I had these awesome pictures taken when each of my kids were 6 months old in a little tub and I wanted to put them in the bathroom. The problem is the moisture in there can cause the pictures to wrinkle. I finally came up with a brilliant idea.

I bought two wooden plaques for $1 each. I printed my photos 4x6 on regular paper(I didn't want quality photo paper because I wanted it to look old). I glued the pictures to the wood with a thin coat of mod podge. I sanded the edges of the photo to age it and then layered different colors of ink using a sponge. I covered the edges of the photo and all of the wood that was visible with the ink. I sanded the inked area a little to given an uneven aged over time look.When the ink was almost dry I mod podged it to seal it. (By applying the sealer while the ink is still a little wet, it allows it to streak and and a few imperfections to add to the aged feel.) I took my ribbon and made a loop at the top and sewed a button where the ribbon overlapped. I attached the ribbon to the back of my picture. I just love how theses look in the bathroom and they are now protected from moisture.

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