Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Kiddo Creation

Top BlogsTip Junkie recently featured melted crayon artwork and a friend of mine was inspired by this to melt her masterpieces. After seeing the photos of her crayon creation, I couldn't resist making one of my own. Rather than attempting it myself, I enlisted the help of my three year old son.

I operated the hot glue gun and he oversaw the placement of the crayons onto the picture frame. I spread out newspaper to keep the workspace clean and then let him loose with the hair dryer. He had fun pretending the dryer was a gun and shooting the crayons. Once the crayons were as melted as a three year old's patience will allow we let them cool for about ten minutes. He is super proud of his finished frame.
Grab Your Supplies
Melt the Crayons
Glue Crayons In Place



  1. What a COOL Idea !!! :)

    I will be sure to come back to your page again for all your awesome ideas !!!

    I am following you Via Voiceboks.Com

    When you get the chance in between your awesome creations, please stop by to say HI at


  2. How cute! Nice idea :) Thanks for linking up!


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