Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rustic Centerpiece

My husband is about to turn thirty and I'm throwing a him a party. We however have very different ideas about what makes a party. I want a theme and a ton of decorations and he wants good food and his closest friends. Like anything else when it comes to marriage, compromise is the key.  I had to change my theme to something more manly and tone down the decorations. I was also asked to change to invitaions because I made it rhyme and he found that to be too childish. It's his birthday and I want him to enjoy himself so I'm working hard to come up with something simple enough for him and festive enough for me. I'm going with an outdoor theme and this is the first of my creations.

My husband cut the slices of wood for me and helped to sand them and seal them with a coat of poly. I used to differnt sized mason jars and empty cheese dip jars. I used my cricut to cut vinyl animals and attached one to each of the jars. I tied a piece of twine around the top and put a candle in each jar.Top Blogs


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