Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bee Mine

Top Blogs My little guy is old enough this year to understand Valentine's Day so I am helping him make a few things for some of the people he loves. I saw cute jumbo heart crayons made by melting your old broken ones into a silicone mold. Rather than buy a new mold I decided to use one I already own. I happen to have a silicone mold for making cupcake bugs. This gave me the idea for the Valentines my son will be giving a few of his friends.

I chopped up crayons and my son filled the bee molds. We placed the mold in the oven until the crayons melted and then pulled them out to cool. Once they completely cooled, they popped right out of the molds and we had super cute bee shaped crayons. I let him stamp the "be mine" on to some extra scrapbook tags I had and tied them up with the basket wrap and heart ribbon. The only downside is the current condition of my cupcake mold. I don't know how I'm going to get it fit for food again.

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