Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy A-rt

Top BlogsVinyl wall art can be pretty expensive and not eveyone owns an electronic cutter. I didn't have a cartridge for the image I wanted so after some trial and error, I came with and idea that worked. You can easily create customized,  cost effective vinyl letters and shapes with or without a cutter.

I used my cricut and vinyl to cut out the letters and the barn. Unfortunately with the cricut  vinyl you are pretty limited on color and out of luck on prints. Don't worry though there's a simple solution. Place a piece of printed fabric or paper on your scanner/copier. Copy and print it. Spray the back of the paper with a spray adhesive and glue on top of your vinyl. If you have a cricut use your machine and cut your image. If you don't have a cricut just trace your desired image onto the printed paper and cut out.

This shelf had a picture on that had wood burned years ago. I wanted to use the shelf in my daughter's room but the image on it didn't go. I used spray glue and fabric to cover the unwanted artwork and added the cow using the above vinyl method. It's not perfect but it kinda goes with the country vibe of her room and puts breakables and keepsakes out of reach.

If your looking for more fun ideas, check out http://www.sillylittlesparrow.com/

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