Monday, June 27, 2011

Pink & Black Bridal Shower

Top Blogs Bridal showers can sometimes be pretty dull and not to mention costly. When my sister got married I needed to keep it budget friendly but I still wanted to have a nice party for her. This is a few of the ideas I came up with to keep it fun and fitting of her personality and save a little money

  1. For my entry table I sat out a birdcage for guests to place there recipe cards that we sent out with the invitations. I had extras sitting out for those that forgot theirs as well as envelopes for them to address for the thank-you notes. Instead of an expensive guest book that they will never look at, I framed a small photo of the bride and groom with an autograph mat. The guest signed in on the picture frame (which cost under $5) and the couple got a fun keep sake.
  2. Bird cages made especially for weddings can cost you and they're pretty plain looking. I wanted something that looked more like a victorian style cage. I found this one for under $20 and loved the shape and size of it, but the antique green color was all wrong. Just $1 for a can of spray paint and it was perfectly suited for the occasion.  She loved it so much she used it at her reception for cards.
  3. For the beverage table I bought a large ice bucket and painted the couple's monogram with their wedding date and "Cheers to Many Happy Years" inside were two wine bottle dressed as a bride and groom. I bought hot pink disposable wine glasses from a party store.
  4. My mother-in-law made this edible boquet for the centerpiece on the food table. It turned out so cute I had to include it.
  5. I bought goblets at an everything's a dollar store and painted flowers on them. I filled them with sand, added a votive candle and spinkled confetti on top of the sand. The mini wine glasses are filled with pink M&M's and covered in tulle and the little tulle circles are filled with jelly beans.
  6. For the game the wedding party brought in a bunch of canned goods. We made a list of questions ahead of time(about him, her and a few about their dating history), the day of the shower we took the bride to lunch and one of the girls stayed behind to quiz the groom.(this way they had no chance to cheat) Each guest got a can and a card with a question and the grooms answer. Through out the shower the bride was quizzed and when she got one right she got a can in her box to take home but if she got it wrong the label was removed before it went in the box.
  7. For the non-drinkers I had a pink punch fountain.

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