Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jerseylicious is one of those shows I make fun of my sister for watching but have now become completely addicted to. They all wear such cute flowers and bows in their hair. I love the way it looks but I feel like I'm too old to pull it off. This season though Christie wore an adorable flower headband  and since were about the same age, I thought why not. Hers was so cute it gave me the idea to create my own!

To make the flower i cut five different sized circles out of a satin-like fabric and then burned the edges to get it to curl up like a flower. I topped it with two differnt buttons with a scrapbooking spiral sandwiched in between. I cut two strips of  ribbon and burned the edges to keep from unravelling. I sewed it all to a headband by going through the buttons and around the headband several times. That's all there is to it, super easy!


  1. I'll take one in black and white, with a hint of hot pink =)

  2. Thanks for linking but you linked to the ongoing give away linky and not the party mindie style linky so I will have to delete it. I would love for you to link it back up, so cute. Thanks Mindie


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