Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bandana do-over

I love the look of a bandana with a big messy ponytail. I don't love how bulky it can feel or the annoying knot at bottom. I put some thought into and came up with a comfy solution. That gave me idea to fancy it up a bit while i was at it. Believe it or not this is an easy no-sew project.

  • first cut the bandana to three times your desired width
  • fold it neatly in to thirds making sure the unfinished edge is tucked underneath(ironing the folds helps keep them neat while you work
  • make a triangle fold on one end an punch a hole through it with a crop-a-dile tool. Punch a hole through a piece of elastic( about 2in in length) and line it up with the hole in the bandana.
  • insert an eyelet and set it using the crop-a-dile
  • punch holes and set eyelets wherever you'd like down the length of the bandana
  • when you get to the end repeat tringle fold and connect the other end of your elastic. That's it!


  1. Neat idea!

  2. i love this jess! i may have to make one myself

  3. I want one!! I don't have a crop a dile though....any suggestions??

  4. you can buy iron on studs or rhinestones


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