Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tea For Tutu

Top Blogs I kept seeing these adorable tutu tables online. I really wanted one for my daughter's room but they were well over a hundred dollars. I thought that was a little much for something I could make myself for like $20. Then I had and idea, "duh, make it yourself dummy".

I had my husband build the table for me out of scraps of wood we had lying around. I didn't attempt to to that part myself, I try to limit my interaction with power tools. I turned the table upside down on top of quilt batting, traced the top and cut it out. I cut a larger circle from my gingham fabric(about an extra two inches all the way around) I used my staple gun to attach the batting and fabric to the table. I stapled a piece of quilted fabric around the legs of the table to eliminate sharp edges. I cut strips of tulle double the length of the table, folded them in half and staple them all around the ouside edge of the table. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon that's covering my staples.
I used left over fabric and batting from the bedding I made for this room. The only supplies I had to go buy was the tulle and ribbon. I'm so happy with it, thank goodness I hesitated about ordering the costly one!
I plan to make matching little round stools but they are still a work in progress. 

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