Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Scrapbook Page

Top BlogsI am so happy with the way this turned out and I hope you'll give it a try! Leave me comment and let me know how yours turns out.

  • Use your ink to chalk both of your background papers however you'd like.
  • Cut the paper you chose for your overalls to 8x10
  • From the remainder of your overall paper cut 2- 2x4 strips, 1-3x3 square and 2-1x4 3/4  strips
  • Hold your paper long way and cut a small v in the center of the bottom
  • Cut the bottom corners off at an angle on the square and on the 2-2x4strips
  • ink the edges of all the pieces and assemble your overalls onto your page(make sure you only use glue on the outside edges of the sides and bottom of the pocket so your tags will slide in and out)
  • ink the edges of the squares you chose for your patches and attach then to your overalls
  • add buttons or brads and your journal tags
  • Use your acid free marker to draw on your stitches

  • trace three circles onto your background paper(I used the bottom of a cup)
  • glue strips of ribbon from your circle to the bottom of the page for stems
  • cut three small pieces of ribbon and glue the ends together. glue one under each stem to use as leaves
  • cut several one inch pieces from your other spool of ribbon(The number of strips will vary depending on the width of your ribbon and the size of your circles
  • glue the ends of each ribbon together creating little loops and glue the loops around your circles to create petals
  • Glue the letters and wording of your chose for the title
  • glue your sqaure photos inside your patches and your round photos in the center of your flowers.
  • sit back and admire your work

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