Saturday, July 16, 2011


Top Blogs Last weeks episode of Jerseylicious was once again full of adorable hair accessories. My favorite was a headband worn by Gigi. Here's my version and all you need to know to create your own.

Create a strand of beads that will fit around your head using elastic string and pearl beads. Cut a strip of stretchy denim fabric 2 x 24.
Fold it in half so that it is an inch wide and stitch it together on the side with the opening(you'll want to use a strong thread for this and not your elastic). Pull your string tight so that your fabric curls into a flower and stitch wherever you need to make sure its secure. Attach a few pearls to the center of your flower and then sew the flower to your strand of pearls.  Ta-dah, now you have a fabulous new headband!


  1. I LOVE your headband idea! I'm not very crafty, can I just buy one from you? LOL!

  2. That's cute! It look similar to the necklace I made over the weekend. I'm your newest follower. I wanted to invite you to join my giveaway:


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