Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Page

This page layout can be used for any theme. I chose to do Birthday because my little guy has one coming up. Feel free to modify it any way you'd like to fit your needs. Just leave me a comment when your done and let me know how yours turns out.

Left Page
 To get started you need to cut or tear all of your paper.
From one of your patterned papers you'll need:
2-1.5 x 12 strips(tear a small strip of each one)
2-5 x 5 squares
1-4 x 6 rectangle
1-4 x 4 square
Fold the second patterened paper in half diagonally and tear off a large portion of the outer corner: You'll then have two triangles
Fold your single sheet of solid paper in half  and tear paper about one inch from the fold line and then tear along the fold line so that you have two diagonal strips. From remainder of this paper cut:
2-4 x 4 squares
1-3 x 3 square
1 large triangle
1 small triangle

Glue all of the pieces as shown or play with them a little and decide how you like them best.

To make the wire letters: unroll a little of the wire and begin making the letters just like you would write in cursive. It won't look perfect but you can shape them a little better once you have the whole word finished. Attach the words to your paper with staples.
Embelish your page with stickers or cutouts and random staples.

Right Page

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