Monday, July 25, 2011

Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Top Blogs One of my favorite stores had a cute pearl necklace tied with scraps of fabric. It was super cute but it looked like something I could easily make myself with items I already had at home. That gave me an idea, why not give it a try and change it up a little to suit me!

Miss Charli thinks it's hers!
 The necklace in the store was a small single strand of pearls. I modified it by stringing a long strand of pearls in two varying sizes. I doubled over the long necklace to create to shorter ones and tied three strips of scrap fabric on one side. I chose a solid material but theirs was a print. You can change it up to fit your own style, they make many differnt colors of pearls.(I think this would look awesome made with black pearls and tied with white lace.)

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  1. You sound like me, I was always big on looking at hair pieces at the stores and then going home and creating it my self .. or buying one, taking it apart and then figureing out how to put it back together so I can make more of them :)



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