Saturday, January 21, 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Top Blogs You get asked this question a million times as a kid. And it's this very question that has inspired my next photo project.

At three years old, my son already has at least a dozen scrapbooks. I love the books and I know that as he gets older I will be glad I archived his every move. Lately though, I have the urge to make a completely different type of book. After giving it some thought, i decided to try focusing on what could be rather than what is. I know you're dying to here what I've come up, so here's the plan for my next creation. I am going to take a picture of my kiddo in his everyday state and add the caption "what will I be when I grow up. Over the next year I will take photos of him dressed for/acting out any occupation I can manage to capture. Not only will this make cute photos, but it will also teach him about community and careers.

I would like to extend an invition to anyone reading this to take their own photos. If you're not into scrapbooking, the photos could be used to make an adorable gallery wall for your home. I am going to add a linky on my page for anyone that's interested to share their photo/ideas for this project.
How awesome would it be if you actually managed to capture your little ones future career. They would have an adorable picture of themselves as a child doing what they now do for a living.

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