Monday, October 24, 2011

Diy Scarecrow costume

Top BlogsI am by no means a seamstress, although I often wish that was. I love Halloween and prefer a fun diy costume to a sad looking store bought disguises. For my son's first trick-or-treat adventure I turned him into the most adorable scarecrow ever.

I bought a pair of overalls and a onsie at a baby consignment store. I cut the patches from scrap fabric I had around the house and used felt as straw so that he wouldn't get itchy. Everything is loosely hand stitched so that it can easily be removed and the clothes can be worn afterward to get your money out of it. I made the hat out of stiff scrap fabric by cutting out the inner circle of a paper plate and then tracing both the inner circle and outer band onto the fabric. I cut the circles out and a strip that was the same circumference as the inner circle and four inches wide. I assembled it by hand stitching the pieces together and adding some patches. For the final touch I looses sewed a bandanna to his shirt rather than tie it so that he couldn't hurt himself. He was so cute even though he slept through it and has no memory of the night.

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