Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun In the Sun Scrapbook Page

Top Blogs Hope everyone enjoys this super fun summer page.
I had fun making it and can't wait to here how yours turns out.

Page 1:
From your patterned paper cut a 10x10 square and glue it to the center of your background paper.
Trim your 8x10 photo to 8x8 and glue it to the center of the patterned square.
Tear a 2x10 strip of paper from your single sheet of solid cardstock and glue it to the left hand side of the patterned square
Tear 1/2x10 strip from your patterned paper and glue to the left side of the cardstock strip
Attach a 12in piece of ribbon by stapling it at the  top and bottom of the page
Attach your letters on top of the ribbon with staples.
Embelish with anything you like(I used a few little sea shell stickers)

Page 2:
Cut 2 6x6 squares from your patterned paper and glue them adjacent to one another on your second background sheet
Cut one 4x4 square from your solid cardstock and glue it in the center of the top left square
Decorate this square anyway you'd like. I used sandbox stickers so that I could use the page for pics of my kiddos playing in the sand
Cut three 5x5 squares from your solid cardstock and glue them in the center of each of the remaining three sqaures
Trim your eight wallet to @x2 and glue four each in the top right and bottom left squares(group them together so they form a 4x4 square
For the bottom right square trim your 4x6 photo to 4x4, glue it down and staple a few extra pieces of ribbon to the side
I tore two 1/2 x 6 strips from the solid cardstock and glued one at the top left side and one at the bottom right side.

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