Friday, June 17, 2011

Pennant Scrapbook Page

Hope everyone enjoys this page. It will work for any theme you've chosen. Don't forget to leave a comment when you finish and let me know how your page turned out. 

From one of your patterned pieces of paper you need to cut:
1- 6x6

And from the second patterned piece of paper you need:

Set aside the two matching solid pieces of cardstock for your background

From the single sheet of solid cardstock:

From scrap paper cut 1 large triangle and 7 small ones with either straight or shaped scissors. Punch two holes in each triangle and string all seven small ones together.  Tie a piece of string in each of the holes of the large triangle.

On one sheet of the background paper glue each of your 6x6 squares of patterned paper. On the left side attach your large triangle and on the right glue your 4x4 solid square.  Below center your 4x10 sheet of patterned paper and glue it to the background with the two solid pieces of 3x3 on top of it.

Add whatever embellishments you'd would like to your large pennant, feel free to really make your page your own!

On the second piece of background paper attach your 12x6 patterned piece of paper across the top. On top of the patterned paper glue the 5x7 piece your cut from the other pattern. Next you glue the 4x6 piece you cut from the solid paper. Directly below glue your 2x6 pattern paper with the 1x5 piece of solid paper on top. Across the bottom of the page glue your pennant banner. Now pat yourself on the back your all done!

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