Friday, June 17, 2011

Something Fishy

I have tons of pictures of the kiddos fishing and I've been wanting to display one in my sons room. There's some really cute fishing frames out there but they are so heavy and breakable that they're not really kid friendly. That gave me an idea to make my own glass free light weight version. This way if he pulls it down or it falls, it's no biggie.

I bought a craft frame for under a dollar and painted it green.(you can see the twine a little when your up close, but painting isn't necessary.) I started on the inside corner and began wrapping in twine, securing it as I went with hot glue. After about five rows I attached the bobber, wrapped two more times around and added the lure, making sure the was wedged in good and never coming out. I continued to wrap and glue until the frame was covered. I added a metal fish I found at scrapbook store. I painted "Gone Fishin'" on it and hot glued it to the frame.  My little guy loved it and couldn't wait to get his fishy picture it it.

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