Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Give holidays a hand!(or foot)

Top Blogs I like to have something special for my kiddos to wear for each holiday. Sometimes they are store bought and sometimes they're homemade. He's a quick and easy idea for making your own personalized holiday attire.

For the turkey, I traced my sons had onto a piece of tan felt.I decorated it with scraps of felt, embroidery thread and buttons. Just like you did in gradeschool. I stitched it onto a solid shirt and it looked adorable.

For the Christmas tree, I traced my little guys foot onto a piece of green felt and cut it out. I used felt scraps for the trunk and star, sequins for the oranaments and ribbon for the garland. I had a stand lights that were made for a scrapbook page but I ended up removing them because my son was pretty small the year I made this and I was afraid he would swallow one. When I made this it was my daughter's first Christmas and she was only a few weeks old. I made her one as well using her teeny tiny foot and it didn't turn out as cute because her foot was too small for any of the details to show.  
You could use this same idea for other holidays/seasons such as:
  • handprint fireworks for July 4th
  • footprint ghost for Halloween
  • footprint egg for Easter
  • handprint heart for Valentine's Day
  • footprint icecream cone for summer
  • footprint snowman for winter
  • handprint leaf for fall
  • handprint flower for spring

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