Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Name Game

Top Blogs Before each of my beautiful children were born I mod podged scrapbook paper onto letters that spelled out their names. I thought they were adorable, fun and absolutely perfect. And then I stumbled upon a blog called Sistersstuff and I became green with envy. They had mod podged onto plaques and added vinyl letters. It was so cute and different and I had to have one. I already had a beautiful set of letters to match my daughter's room and I wasn't about to throw them out but I had a whole knew Idea.

I painted the plaques and mod podged my paper on top. Attached ribbons on back to hang them and then hot glued my letters on top. I used my scrapbook supplies to embelish the letters and attached the plaques to one another with hot glue. And now I have a gorgeous piece of art that will have others turning green with envy. Check at the origanal project at Sistersstuff.

1 comment:

  1. Really cute! I love how you took something you already had and made it better. You just inspired me to fix my little girls letters in her room.


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